Ladybird II Online Folder für HP Designjet kompatibel mit T930/T1530/T2530 HP Designjet-Serie

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Ladybird II Online Folder für HP Designjet
kompatibel mit T930/T1530/T2530 HP Designjet-Serie


Integrated to new DJ T2500

Ladybird II is a wide format folder designed to provide a compact solution for HP T2500 and the T920, T1500 e T3500 large format Designjet printers.

With an affordable investment Ladybird II allows to manage internally the finishing process precisely and instantly, with the result of immediate finishing cost reduction by eliminating the hard and expensive operations of trimming and manual folding of the documents. In a simple click your documents will be ready to be distributed and you will be able to respond efficiently to work peaks without the need to employ high level personnel in manual and time consuming activities or be obliged to subcontract the folding activity to external service firms and put in danger the confidentiality of the projects or compromise the schedule. The first fold is obtained automatically ( 4 programs available) while the cross fold is obtained through a guided introduction of the document.

The paper folder Ladybird II is perfectly integrated with the HP plotter in total respect of the key features of compactness, easy access to the scanner, stacker and replacement of paper rolls. In fact Ladybird II is installed under the plotter without need of additional footprint taking advantage of the printing remote control to manage folded / no-folded documents


This automatic folder for cad drawings is able to provide A0 copies folded into A4 with high precision while your plotter is printing. 4 folding programs are available. Ladybird II has been designed to fold documents ink jet printed either in colour or black & White of unlimited length by using the by-pass functionality. Easy to be used and installed, silent, perfect for any technical department environment.

Main features…..

* Compact and integrated solution, NO NEED for additional footprint
* Fold output selectable by driver or printer  user interface
* High folding precision, can fold documents of 4 m long or more
* Wide format documents such as A0, A1, A2 and non-standard can be folded
* Technical drawings with wide colour images can be also folded quickly
* Drawings printed on 914mm as well as 610mm can be cross folded 297mm or 305mm
* Powerful folder for wide format drawings provided with engines of unbearable reliability and silence

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